Christmas and New Year In Morocco

Christmas and new year

If you love reading Oriental fairy tales as a child, you should go to Morocco. This country is reminiscent, from the moment you step into it, of the illustrations of old Berber-Arabian books. With oriental beauties, minarets pointing skyward, the scent of exotic spices wafting through the maze of old city streets. And the cunning eyes of boys who burn with childlike curiosity at every corner of the Medina. The saffron and couscous, the juicy ripeness of lemons, and donkeys lugging their luggage along the stone pavements. Not to mention the skyscrapers of Casablanca and the brilliant blue of the fishing boats in the port of Essaouira. All this cannot be described in words. How about a trip to Morocco to celebrate the New Year and Christmas? 

It’s an idea that strikes originality and economic rationality. As there are not too many tourists in northern Africa at this time and, as a result, prices will be more forgiving for visitors suffering from the exoticism of the East.

Let's take a look at the map:

Morocco is situated in the far north-western corner of the African continent. It is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

  • Throughout its length, Morocco finds itself in several climate zones. It has a Mediterranean climate in the north and a desert climate in the southeast. And a continental climate in the center of the country.
  • Temperatures on the Mediterranean coast rarely fall below +15ºC in winter, although rainfall is possible at this time. Sunny days are plentiful, but cloudy New Year’s Eve weather is not uncommon in northern Morocco.
  • The beaches of the resort of Agadir enjoy pleasantly warm weather during the winter holidays. With temperatures around +20ºC during the day and +15ºC at night. The ocean water only gets as warm as +14ºC, But you can freshen up if you like. The cold winds off the Atlantic can stop you from sunbathing, but if you can find a secluded spot to get a ta, you can get a bronzer skin tone in just a couple of days.
  • Cosmopolitan Casablanca is not the best place in Morocco for bathing. New Year’s Eve is best spent at nightclubs, restaurants, or in a disco.
  • One of the most exotic cities in the Kingdom, Marrakech offers a rich cultural program at any time of the year. On New Year’s Eve, thermometers usually stop at +17ºC and +6ºC  during the day and night respectively. So a warm jacket to wear on New Year.

Celebrating the New Year and Christmas In Morocco:

The vast majority of the inhabitants of Morocco are Muslim. So Christmas decorations at the end of December are more of a tribute to foreign tourists. Most Christmas decorations are found in hotels and shopping centers. European restaurants, and nightclubs.

When planning to celebrate the New Year in restaurants in Morocco, check the menu so you know what to order for the festive table. The most delicious and popular Moroccan dishes are cooked in a Tajine. A special ceramic pan with a lid in the shape of a cone. Try the chicken baked with vegetables and lemon, Harirah soup, or grilled vegetable stew. Moroccan desserts can honestly be described as festive New Year’s Eve dishes. the most popular and delicious are puff pastries and ginger biscuits. it is best to order a cup of mint tea (if you are not afraid of the combination of sweet and even sweeter) or strong coffee with cardamom. Morocco’s festive alcoholic beverages are the local wines- red Tabeb and white Valpierre. The best place to continue the festivities is at a nightclub, especially if you have flown to Casablanca. However, if you want a table, it is better to book well in advance on New Year’s Eve.

Ancient Marrakech is famous for its El Fna Square, Where every evening there is a magnificent show. There are snake charmers and fire-eaters, illusionists and acrobats, dancers, and the occasional pickpocket. Watch out for your wallets on New Year’s Eve as the carnival in the center of Marrakech kicks off and the crowds multiply.


Why Morocco?

A variety of holidays at any time of year in the kingdom of Morocco. If you are still thinking about where to go on holiday during the New Year and Christmas holidays, opting for this particular tourist destination will not disappoint.

Morocco offers unforgettable holidays on the azure beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Interesting and exciting excursions to local cultural and natural attractions. Not to mention, skiing in the Atlas Mountains, camping in the Sahara desert, and much more.

How Christmas and New Year is celebrated in Morocco?

Most holidays in Morocco are calculated according to the lunar calendar, so many dates change every year. It is worth noting that religious holidays are celebrated more solemnly than civil ones.

Islam is the state religion. So, we can say that Christians in Morocco celebrate Christmas in secret, strictly at home. sometimes in the presence of their pastor, who is forced to conceal his faith.
Moroccan Christians are divided into two groups. Those who celebrate in Arabic and those who call out to God in French.

If you have booked a trip to Morocco to celebrate the New Year, the holiday is traditionally celebrated on February 9. Public offices and shops do not work on this day. The New Year is a family holiday, according to tradition, on this day the Prophet Mohammed began the Islamic calendar.

Due to the large influx of tourists in the high tourist season. The locals in MOrocco like to celebrate the New Year on the night from 31 December to 1 January. Therefore, prices during this period are traditionally higher Mainly depending on the chosen holiday destination and the particularities of the entertainment program

Trips to Morocco for New Year and Christmas

Tours to Morocco are usually chosen by those who enjoy sightseeing and beach holidays. As well as extreme activities in the water and on land. Winter in Morocco is the best time to go surfing. Because at this time the highest of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean reaches its highest point.

The most popular resorts in Morocco are Casablanca, Essaouira, Fes, Rabat, Agadir, and the city of Marrakech. Budget tours to Marrakech are also available to Ouarzazate, Errachidia, and El Jadida.

The cost of trips to Morocco for New Year and Christmas:

Morocco is an amazing country that combines all the possibilities for an upscale holiday with fairly democratic prices. The cost of a holiday will depend primarily on the popularity of the resort. Also, it depends on how many days you book and the kind of trip.

Stunning places to spend the New Year Eve & Christmas In Morocco:

Spending New Year’s Eve in the heart of the Moroccan desert is a unique and unforgettable experience. What’s on the agenda? Walk in the dunes and ride a camel before reaching your camp for the night. After a superb day of discovery, gather around a campfire and enjoy a convivial moment in the desert, under the Moroccan stars. Your New Year’s Eve menu will be very original. Bread baked the sand, tajine with prunes, and then tea and Moroccan pastries, for a guaranteed change of scenery!

You will then enjoy your New Year’s Eve party in the middle of the silent dunes of the desert. A New Year’s Eve in the Moroccan desert that promises to be unforgettable, to start the new year in Morocco!

Finally, for a New Year’s Eve far from the dullness of winter, choose Morocco to celebrate the passage of the new year gently. Festive meals with local colors, cultural visits, and lively evenings await you for your New Year’s Eve in Morocco.

Morocco is an amazing country that combines all the possibilities for an upscale holiday with fairly democratic prices. The cost of a holiday will depend primarily on the popularity of the resort. Also, it depends on how many days you book and the kind of trip

Interested In Christmas or New Year's Eve tour to Morocco?

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