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book your magnificent tour with your best travel agency in Morocco for customized tours from Marrakech the red city.

Desert tour from Marrakech:

Marrakech or the red city as most Moroccans called it, Is a very famous place for the big souks and gardens it has. Moreover, Marrakech has been considered as the starting point of every trip with that being mean that half of the travelers start or end their tour in Marrakech More than that, It has a long history that is why a huge number of tourists travel to Morocco. Our job as a travel agency in Morocco is to provide group and private desert tours from Marrakech.

Our travel agency offers the best tours which you will notice the Sahara desert part in each tour because of the greatest results it had shown years ago, More than that the Sahara desert still the highlights of Morocco.

Morocco desert tours From Marrakech:

3 days tour from marrakech to the Sahara desert

3 days tour from marrakech to merzouga

4 days tour from marrakech to merzouga

5 days tour from MARRAKESH to merzouga

6 days tour from
Marrakech to Merzouga

8 days tour from marrakech to merzouga

Marrakech desert tours highlights:

Marrakech the red city! :

With our desert group or private tours from Marrakech, We will explore the red city as you will have the chance to visit several places in the same city. Marrakesh comprises an old fortified city packed with vendors and their stalls. This medina quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today it is one of the busiest cities in Africa and serves as a major economic center and tourist destination. Real estate and hotel development in Marrakesh have grown dramatically in the 21st century. Marrakesh is particularly popular with the French, and numerous French celebrities own property in the city. Marrakesh has the largest traditional market (souk) in Morocco, with some 18 souks selling wares ranging from traditional Berber carpets to modern consumer electronics. Crafts employ a significant percentage of the population, who primarily sell their products to tourists. Moreover. We will see Jamaa el Fana If all the world’s a stage, then Djemaa El Fna is the grand finale. Every night, once the smoke from the restaurant grills begins to plume into the air, the plaza thrums and shimmies to its own unique soundtrack. Gnaoua troupes beat their drums in competition with whiny snake charmer flutes, Berber musicians battle to be heard, and food stall touts and henna-ladies yell over the top. It’s a colorful mash-up of the good, the bad, and the completely bizarre, bewitching in all its crazy, colorful chaos.

visit Merzouga, The Sahara desert:

Merzouga is between our Highlight in all our magical group and private trips from Marrakech, Once you arrive at The Sahara desert first thing you will be grateful to try is riding a camel trek to the camp your camel guide will pick you memorable pictures, When you arrive at the camp our team will welcome you with a mint teacup at the entrance of our magical camp. After having dinner, you will come out to the stove where you will enjoy our traditional Berber music which our team will play drums for you under a very charming starry sky.

With our travel agency you will explore Ouarzazate:

Ouarzazate is at an elevation of in the middle of a bare plateau south of the High Atlas Mountains, with a desert to the city’s south.Berber-speakers make up the majority of the town’s inhabitants, who were responsible for the creation of many of the prominent kasbahs. Ouarzazate is a primary tourist destination in Morocco during the holidays, as well as a starting point for excursions into and across the Draa Valley and the desert. Aït Benhaddou (a fortified village) west of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With our desert tours from Marrakech you will experience the desert trip :

The Sahara desert is the main reason for our progress as a travel agency in Morocco, Without forgetting that the Desert is between our basics and it’s the first thing we start from. This time our Great trip will start By picking you from the Hotel or the camp by 4×4 car or camel, I would like to mention that you can choose the way you want to discover the desert whether by car or camel. At the usual, we start our magical day by visiting some nomadic Families that still live innocence under their handmade tents in nowhere, you will have the chance to try their simple tasty food, and undoubtedly you will get your childhood back in a moment when you meet their babies some families consist from five to six people living under one roof. The most beloved thing in this area that all tourists fall in love with is the herd of these nomadic families, it consists of goats and sheep tourists love to play with goat’s babies.

Later on, we will head forward to M’fiss it’s a place near the borders of Algeria as it has known a long history, we will visit a mine of kohl this mine was colonized and used by the France empire, years later its got closed for a period till some people from the area opened it again, after that, we will be moving to a close cemetery to be acknowledged with the difference between the male and female tomb if you notice that the rocks surround the tomb are face to face then the tomb belongs to the male and the opposite or the female, continuing our trip to visit another live style which is Gnawa 

With our travel agency you will visit ait ben haddou:

Join us to discover Morocco you maybe notice that we have been mentioning Ait ben Haddou on every tour because of the fabulous views it shows, the site of the ksar has been fortified since the 11th century during the Almoravid period. None of the current buildings are believed to date from before the 17th century, but they were likely built with the same construction methods and designs as had been used for centuries before. The site’s strategic importance was due to its location in the Ounila Valley along with one of the main trans-Saharan trade routes. The Tizi n’Tichka pass, which was reached via this route, was one of the few routes across the Atlas Mountains, crossing between Marrakech and the Draa Valley on the edge of the Sahara.

The ksar has been significantly restored in modern times, thanks in part to its use as a Hollywood filming location and its inscription on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1987. UNESCO reports that the ksar has “preserved its architectural authenticity concerning configuration and materials by continuing to use traditional construction materials and techniques and by largely avoiding new concrete constructions. A local committee is in charge of monitoring and managing the site

With you we will explore different valleys:

Morocco is a vast natural beauty, travelers can find almost every natural landscape, from the majestic Sahara desert to the Atlas mountains to the amazing lakes, varied beaches, and mountains valleys. This article about 7 stunning mountains valleys in Morocco definitely will blow your mind. In addition to the fresh air that you can get while relaxing in the valleys, there are lots of activities you can do, a lot of breathtaking landscapes that you can enjoy. Moroccan valleys are also home to a pure Amazigh ( Berber) culture that is worth discovering while visiting the Atlas mountains. There are more than ten valleys in Morocco but seven are the most visited are Ziz valley / Roses Valley / Dades Valley / Todgha Valley gorges / Fin Valley / Draa Valley / Mgoun Valley every  Valley has its feature view with panoramic landscapes.

explore fes with Over morocco tours:

The city is divided between its historic medina (the two walled districts of Fes el-Bali and Fes Jdid) and the now much larger Ville Nouvelle (New City) along with several outlying modern neighbourhoods. The old city is located in a valley along the banks of the Oued Fes (Fez River) just above its confluence with the larger Sebou River to the northeast. The Fez River takes its sources from the south and west and is split into various small canals which provide the historic city with water. These in turn empty into the Oued Bou Khrareb, the stretch of the river which passes through the middle of Fes el-Bali and separates the Qarawiyyin quarter from the Andalusian quarter.

The new city occupies a plateau on the edge of the Saïs plain. The latter stretches out to the west and south and is occupied largely by farmland. Roughly 15 km south of Fes el-Bali is the region’s main airport, Fes-Saïs. Further south is the town of Sefrou, while the city of Meknes, the next largest city in the region, is located to the southwest.

With our travel agency you will explore Erfoud and rissani:

With our company, you will be pleased to visit Rissani and Erfoud. these two cities are the gate of the Erg Chabbi as usual we will pass by Rissani to admire its traditional souks, There are to special days that the Souk get full-on Tuesday and Sunday all people from the closest villages comes at these two days to buy their necessities.

Erfoud is the closest city to the desert after Rissani famed for its production of fossils. Moreover, there is a yearly festival of dates 

explore tangier:

Tangier was founded as a Phoenician colony, possibly as early as the 10th century and almost certainly by the 8th century BCE. The majority of Berber tombs around Tangier had Punic jewelry by the 6th century BCE, speaking to abundant trade by that time. The Carthaginians developed it as an important part of their empire by the 5th century. It was probably involved with the expeditions of Hanno the Navigator along the West African coast. The city long preserved its Phoenician traditions, issuing bronze coins under the Mauretanian kings with Punic script and others under the Romans bearing Augustus and Agrippa’s heads and Latin script obverse but an image of the Canaanite Baal reverse. Some editions of Procopius place his Punic stelae in Tingis rather than Tigisis in either case, however, their existence is highly dubious.

With our marrakech desert tour will discover cedar forest and ifrane:

Over Morocco tours will take you to discover Cedar forest and which is the most known place in the city and where the tourist activity of the area is centered. This forest is the living reflection of the passing of the centuries and only until a few years ago it was the place where the famous Gran Cedar Gouraud, the largest millenary cedar in the area. In this forest, you can find souvenir and gift shops and well-known market stalls with peanuts. The reason for these stalls is the hundreds of monkeys of Gibraltar that live in this area. The tourists spend a little of their day playing with them and giving them peanuts as a reward.

You will visit Ifrane too which is a city in the Middle Atlas region of northern Morocco The capital of Ifrane Province is in the region of Fès-Meknès, Ifrane is located at an elevation In the regional Tamazight language, “ifran” means caves. The modern town of Ifrane was established by the French administration in 1929 on land expropriated from the inhabitants of the zâwiya. The town was to be a “hill station,” a cool place for colonial families to spend the hot summer months, and it was initially planned according to the “garden city” model of urban design then in vogue.


Meknes is located in a strategic position in the heart of Morocco. To its south and south-east are the rich cedar forests and mountains of the Middle Atlas mountains with the cities Ifrane and Azrou; and more to the south are the rich oases of Tafilalt.

To the west are the two largest metropolitan areas of Morocco Casablanca, and Rabat. To the north is the mountainous north of Morocco with the cities of Tangier and Tétouan. Oujda and Fes lie east of Volubilis, a major Roman-era settlement in Morocco and one of its early urban centers, is located near the site of the current city of Meknes. The current city and its name, however, originate with a Berber tribe called the Mikasa, originally from the Tunisian south, who dominated this region and much of eastern Morocco as early as the 8th century. Some sources attribute the effective founding of a settlement here to a group of small Miknasa villages known as miknāsat al-zaytūn in the 10th century.

join our morocco tours to enjoy visiting casablanca and chefchaouen:

With our desert tours, you will discover all Morocco cities, especially the economical capital of Morocco Casablanca it refers to the white house in Spanish also it is originally in Berber was called Afna, It’s the biggest city in Morocco as it’s the center of the economy. Over Morocco tours offer desert tours to Chefchaouen the blue pearl of Morocco it’s between the most beautiful and colorful cities made Morocco gain a lot of travelers.

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